REVIEW | Bear Arms – Audio | 8th Mar 2015

In the past year or so, Bear Arms have grown to become one of my favourite bands in all of Scotland, so imagine my pain in the fact that I had yet to catch these guys live, often due to those pesky, pain-in-the-ass gig clashes. But with a clear schedule, I was at last able to head down to Audio and bear witness to them live on stage.

Opening the show was Verse Metrics, a band I had not listened to prior to this gig so I was seeing these guys completely blind, and I have to say they made a really great first impression with a mesmerizing set of ambient, melodic rock tunes which certainly had the attention of myself and the crowd throughout the duration of the set. I quite enjoyed them, and I’m eager to see and hear more from these guys in the future.

Next up was Colt 45, hailing from Cumbria, and they cranked it up big time with a high adrenaline rock show, with elements of punk behind it; dishing out fierce vocals, great riffs and hard-hitting drums. It was sweet to hear some tracks off their album The Tide Is Turning, with highlights including Time Will Tell, 595 and Ok. They never let up with the energy from start to finish, barring a hi-hat malfunction, and on the whole, I was very impressed.

And now for Bear Arms, and after the long wait to finally see these guys, they did not disappoint, as the band put on an electric performance which they were really invested in, which in turn captivated the packed crowd. They delivered the goods via some mighty good guitar work and an array of cracking tunes including the likes of Courage, Fool’s Gold and Empty Vessel; all from their Strength & Conviction album. They made quite the impact on all in attendance that night, and it had me leaving the gig with a smile on my face. I’m happy to finally check these guys off the bucket list, now I just need to make it my priority to catch them live again soon…

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