REVIEW | Leopards: Future Fate Forever

Leopards are an alternative rock band from Manchester that I first got hooked on last summer, becoming a fan of tunes such as Home and Irony, and just recently they put out a new EP titled Future Fate Forever. After much anticipation for this one, I’m happy to say it delivers on the goods.

Save Yourself is a great tune that gets the ball rolling, showcasing all of the band’s talents, in particular Jenna’s fabulous vocals. It is followed by Promise Me which comes complete with enjoyable guitar and drum work, a rocky melody and a catchy chorus.

Take Control features some memorable lyrics and a slow section which is perfect for getting the crowd clapping along at any given live situation. After the solid Broken Family, the record wraps up nicely with April.

Overall, this is a satisfying EP that any fan of the genre will surely dig. I have to admit it does fizzle out a little towards the end due to an obvious lack of varied sound throughout the record, but regardless, it’s certainly shown me the talents and further potential these guys possess. If given a major platform and able to produce an album with a more definable sound, you can bet these guys will go places.

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