REVIEW | Huxtable: It’s A Trap

In the past year, the bearded rock duo Huxtable, hailing from Kilmarnock, have certainly made an impact, putting themselves on the map as one of the hottest upcoming acts in all of Scotland at the moment. A big factor in that was the release of their brilliant debut record – We Are Huxtable – which ended up being one of my favourites of 2014.

Just recently, the band have put out a new EP titled It’s A Trap. After a really great first release, is this EP a worthy follow-up? Damn right, it is.

With the opening track Shut Up, the pair waste no time in getting down and dirty with a fast paced, dynamic tune featuring tasty riffs, catchy drums and a memorable chorus. The lead single Little Darling is up next, a tune with an undeniably funky beat and Jordan showcasing more range in his vocals.

The Admiral Ackbar-approved title track follows suit with some more great riffs, a smashing chorus and a build up to one hell of a rocking climax. And that brings us to the final track Regimental, and what an incredible way to go out; guitar and drum work at it’s very best, a catchy rhythm and overall a new, fresh style from the two gentlemen which pays off big time. It’s a seriously cool tune that is no doubt the highlight of the EP and it ranks among the best work in their musical library to date.

So if it wasn’t obvious at this point, I really like this EP. Being a massive fan of their first record, I was curious to see how they could top it, but the duo clearly had little problem doing just that, with an assortment of cracking rock tunes that each stand out on their own and display more variety in the their sound.

It’s very rare for a band to produce two quality releases in a row, but in Huxtable’s case, lightning has struck twice.

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