REVIEW | Start Static: Arguments

Start Static are a Glasgow indie-pop rock band I was only recently introduced to, when I seen them live at King Tuts a couple of months back as part of the venue’s annual New Years Revolution. Overall, I enjoyed them and was eager to hear more from the band.

A few days ago, they put out their debut full-length release – Arguments – an album that was completely self-produced by the band and, as far as I’m aware, took a hefty long time to make and provoked many an argument; hence the record’s title. Well, after all their tribulations and hard work, I’m happy to say it has paid off.

The opening track Reckless is undoubtedly the focal point of the album as it best embodies the band’s sound, being a fast-paced, really energetic track with a catchy melody and fantastic chorus. The frontman John takes lead with vibrant vocal work and the rest of the band following suit on their respective instruments, as well as providing great backing vocals of their own. Throughout the record, there are many other tunes which really capture the rocking, upbeat essence of the band, with the highlights for me including Play The Record, Pretty Little Bubble and Love & War.

The record wraps up with Voices which, in addition to being another enjoyable tune, features some stand out bass and drum work that makes it incredibly catchy. On the whole, this is a strong and really fun album which I’ve grown to like more and more with every listen and leaves me with a smile on my face. For both their efforts and talent, these guys have impressed me, and considering I’m not the most keen fan of the indie-pop genre, that’s quite the achievement.

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