REVIEW | Divides: Anywhere & Nowhere

In late 2013, five young Scottish musicians came together to form a new band called Divides. And within a year and a half, they have quickly made their mark as one of the finest upcoming acts in all of the country, garnering a lot of attention through their music online and receiving air play on a number of major radio stations including BBC Radio 1 and XFM.

They’ve certainly had me hooked since day one and they’ve become one of my favourite bands in Scotland, so naturally when they announced the recording of their debut EP, I was really hyped. Following a successful Pledge campaign, the EP – titled Anywhere & Nowhere – is in my hands. Being one of my most anticipated records in recent memory, how does it fare?

We kick off with the title track which is a really good tune featuring some great guitar riffs and drums. While it’s probably not the best pick for the opening track, it’s warms up things nicely regardless. Landslide is where things really get going, guaranteed to hook in the listener with it’s high-octane energy and an enjoyable chorus, not to mention it’s showcasing of Tasha’s vocal capabilities and Andy’s mighty fine bass skills.

Following that is Spiders, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the EP, being a really rocking tune with the whole band on top form; in particular, Dave’s drum work stands out and Tasha’s brings her A-game, putting on a passionate performance and hitting every note. Add to that a ridiculously catchy rhythm, brilliant chorus and really memorable lyrics, and we have here the band at their very best.

Last up is the lead single Falsehood. Accentuated by catchy lyrics, superb guitar work from David and Colin and an immense sound, this song serves as a fiery climax and caps off the record on a hell of a high note.

It’s safe to say the long wait was very much worth it, as Divides’ debut EP delivers on the goods with a tight package of high quality rock tunes, brought to life by the band’s incredible talent and undeniable chemistry. It’s a record that gets better with every listen, and certainly indicates that these guys are set to be a major fixture in Scottish music in the next few years to come.


The band head off on a Scottish tour with Daydream Frenzy later this month:

  • 28th March – ABERDEEN, Downstairs
  • 29th March – KILMARNOCK, Fanny by Gaslight
  • 31st March – EDINBURGH, Mash House
  • 1st April – GLASGOW, Stereo
  • 2nd April – DUNDEE, Buskers
  • 3rd April – DUNFERMLINE, Montys
  • 4th April – INVERNESS, Eagle Bar

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