REVIEW | Hibagon & Mary Fields – Bloc | 3rd Mar 2015

Hibagon, a noise rock instrumental duo hailing from Italy. Mary Fields, a jazzy mathcore band originating from The Netherlands. Courtesy of Eightpence Music, the two bands were making their way through the UK on separate tours, but on this particular night, both would be conveniently clashing in the cold city of Glasgow for a show at Bloc. Having listened to the bands prior to the gig and enjoying their sound, I decided to venture down and check them out live, unaware that I’d be getting more than I bargained for.

The Colour Pink Is Gay would open the show with a sick set, playing the likes of Parts I, II & III and a bunch of tunes from their i/O EP including Dilute and Maddy. Vocalist JJ owned the floor; marching around, delivering brutal vocals, ramming the crowd with his head and promoting hilarious midget porn…as you do. Accompanied by great backing vocals and tight guitar, bass and drum work, they got things kicked off very well.

Mary Fields were up next, and having quickly become a fan of their Flawless Victory Over Movement EP, I was excited to see these guys live. Chaos ensued, as the band tore Bloc a new one with one of the most batsh*t insane, explosive sets I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Frontman Moss Lieveld took centre stage, dishing out massive vocals as well as his trademark trumpet and kazoo solos, with the rest of the band – including bassist Beau in a dress – performing with such sheer ferocity and deranged energy. It was nothing short of insanity from start to finish, and it blew my mind big time. I was in need of a serious breather after that bout of musical hysteria.

It was soon time for Hibagon to take to the stage, where they performed a fantastic set. The pair had an extraordinary chemistry with a combination of swift drum work and vigorous guitar riffs that had the crowd hooked and bobbing their heads throughout.

All in all, I was very impressed by both bands, and they each certainly have a new Scottish fan in me.

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