REVIEW | My Extraordinary’s Farewell To Glasgow | 1st Mar 2015

November 2012. I hear of a certain Newcastle rock band named My Extraordinary coming to Glasgow, courtesy of HD Music, so I made the trip into town to check them out at the 13th Note. Safe to say, they blew me away and very quickly became one of my favourite bands in all of the UK.

Fast forward to early 2015, the band announced that at the end of their next UK tour they would be splitting, and naturally I was really gutted, so I made it my top priority to catch their final Glasgow show at The Attic.

It all kicked off with frontman Anthony leading the packed crowd on a performance of the alphabet during soundcheck; that’s one unorthodox way to get the audience’s attention. What followed was one hell of a great set, starting with my favourite tune of theirs, Silly Little Things, before playing an array of tunes from their album The World We Live In, with the highlights including Risky Business, Bite The Bullet and the title track itself, the very song that introduced me to the band in the first place. They would cap off with a zealous performance of The Good Old Days to conclude their last ever show in Glasgow.

For the fifth and final time witnessing them on stage, they delivered big time. It’s truly sad to see them go, because I thought they were one of the UK’s finest and they deserved a lot more for their efforts and capabilities. Here’s hoping this isn’t really the end of their musical endeavours. To all the band, I wish you luck with the remaining tour shows and all the best for, dare I say, what the future holds.

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