REVIEW | Felix Champion – Bloc | 25th Feb 2015

8.45pm. I walk into a really packed Bloc, where I recognised at least half the crowd from a number of local bands I’ve worked with in one way or another over the last few years. This was, to me, a true unification of the local music scene; bands from far and wide getting together to support their fellow musicians, who just happen to be 3 of the country’s best live rock acts. From the get-go, I knew this would be a very special night.

First up was Toy Mountains, and they immediately hooked the attention of all in attendance. They opened with a cracking set that demonstrated as always why they are the damn good live band that they are always hyped up to be. They had quite the presence, both on stage and – in bassist Grant’s case – off stage. Highlights included Suspended Animation, For A Few Seconds, Came Harmony and Warm Blooded which featured a great guest performance from Calum of Emilio Largo. The band had delivered again, and got things warmed up nicely.

Emilio Largo kept that momentum going with a brilliant set of their own, playing tracks from their In Uniform We Divide EP, as well as their recent singles Derealise and Control. Andy provided energetic guitar work, Calum delivered some ballistic drum work and Scott dished out some sexy bass riffs, as well as some amusing facial expressions. All in all, a damn good set…..but who was the Mysterious T-Shirt Shouting Prick?

And now it was time for Felix Champion to hit the stage. Simply put, it was insanity, hands down their best performance to date with the whole band on top form. They kicked off in the best way, playing a couple of vintage tunes – Rose Killed Jack and New York Minute – from their self-titled EP, before playing an array of their best tunes from This Lateral Life, including Canyons, Animals, These Four Walls and Ropes. People screaming back the lyrics, tight mosh pits, crowd surfing, it was utter madness. The band even treated us to French Wine as an encore, where I decided to join in the surfing proceedings. An incredible set to cap off what was a really fun, memorable show.

Also like to note that this was guitarist Dave Rees’ final show with Felix Champion, to focus on his work as a music technician, and I wish him all the best on what he does. He’s already done a great job working with the likes of Vukovi and United Fruit, so for everyone reading this who hasn’t already, be a doll and show him support by giving his page a like:

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