REVIEW | We Are Carnivores – Nice N Sleazy | 21st Feb 2015

We Are Carnivores (not to be confused with the million other bands featuring “Carnivores” in their name) are a band I discovered only a few months ago but I quickly became a fan of them, so when it was announced they’d be on tour with Alburn – another band I’ve been waiting to see for the longest time – and coming to Glasgow courtesy of HD Music, I was pretty excited.

Edinburgh rock band Sea Of Crowns started things off and they were damn good, with all 3 members energetic on stage and really into it, and every tune hitting their mark, especially their new single We’ll All Learn and the final track Do What Makes You Feel Comfortable. A band even better live than recorded, they warmed up the show in fine style.

Up next was Avante, a band that I had never listened to or seen live prior to this show, and they were really solid, playing a nice set of rock tunes, featuring great guitars and stand out bass and drum work, which maintained the interest of the growing crowd all throughout. With the highlights for me being Raptures and the closing track Island, this was a good introduction to the band, and I quite fancy seeing these guys again some time soon.

Alburn took to the stage next and they delivered a really tight set. With great guitars, swift bass and hammering drums, these guys had myself and the highly intoxicated crowd hooked from beginning to end. These guys certainly lived up to the hype, and I’ll definitely be making sure to get down to another show of theirs in the future, whenever that may be. Also, everyone needs to pick up their Mouthful of Glass EP, it’s brilliant stuff.

And finally finishing off things is We Are Carnivores, who put on an explosive live performance, taking the stage by storm big time; guitarist James in particular was like a 12 year old on the most insane sugar frenzy witnessed by man. It was great to hear tracks from their fantastic Tex-Mexiconomy EP live, including Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider, T.O.W.I.C.S and my favourite Checkout Girl. They even took a moment to take it down a notch for Iron Me. On the whole, an awesome set from a damn fine band. If anyone is up for a fun as hell live show, seek these guys out at a music venue near you!

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