REVIEW | Exist Immortal – Audio | 17th Feb 2015

What do you get when you have a line-up consisting of the best of English metal, the best of Scottish metal and some young, mighty fine homegrown talent? You get nothing short of an awesome show.

Courtesy of The Daily Dischord Agency and HD Music, Exist Immortal from London and Akord from Aberdeen played Glasgow as part of their UK tour. Exist Immortal are one of my favourite UK metal bands who I hadn’t seen live since late 2013, and Akord are a band who I’d been dying to see live for the past few years with so much hype around them, so needlessly to say I was buzzing for this one.

Kicking off the proceedings was Blackwork and they warmed up things nicely with a great set, showing how much they’ve improved and gotten consistently better in a live situation since their formation. I especially enjoyed vocalist Josh’s enthusiastic performance – always a good quality in a frontman – and their demo tracks were great live, in particular Doomgiver. I quite liked the new song too, although I have to admit the chorus sounded a bit off for whatever reason. But regardless, I was impressed and I think these guys will make their mark in Glasgow’s local metal scene in 2015. Only time will tell…

Next up was Servant Sun who, despite being haunted by countless technical issues, delivered quite a set, with every tune hitting their mark and keeping the crowd hooked. The band were tight and worked well as an equal unit. Also it wasn’t until this gig that I came to appreciate what a damn good vocalist Andrew truly was, in fact during the gig a guy compared him to Myles Kennedy, a statement which isn’t too bold actually. These guys are another great local band which can expect a bright future if they keep the work up.

And now for the moment I long waited for. Akord took to the stage, and to put it bluntly, they were phenomenal, hands down the best live set of the year so far! Excellent live presence, incredible guitar, bass and drum work, the whole crowd – including myself – in the palm of their hand clapping and singing along going nuts in unison, it was quite the experience. They even battled through a major PA fault where half the sound cut off without missing a beat. Soon they finished with my favourite track of theirs, Carry The Sound, to wrap up an electrifying set.

After that, I was exhausted but still buzzing for Exist Immortal to hit the stage, and they delivered big time with the best performance I’ve seen them play to date. The whole band was on top form, churning out all their best tunes with the highlights for me being Liberator, their new single The Void, and The Participant which is my favourite track off their album Darkness Of An Age. An insane set to cap off one hell of a gig.

I had high expectations for this show, and they were exceeded big time. Exist Immortal and Akord are two incredible bands that seriously deserve to be bigger, and Servant Sun and Blackwork are a pair of bands that I believe are going to flourish and grow over the course of the year. On the whole, a cracking show which reminded me why I got involved in local music in the first place.

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